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About Us

Bist Baspar Espadana Factory started its activities in 2006 in the industrial zone located at Isfahan Mobarakeh T intersection. engineers, specialists, and staff. After succeeding in the creation of a diverse portfolio of single-layer polymer products, in order to create further convenience for the consumers.
We are proud to be the top one. We aim to pursue our growing trend and comprehensive expansion, as well as the manufacture of new products with the aid of modern technologies and through making further efforts. We believe that the higher quality of our products does not know any boundaries and limits. We commit ourselves to expanding our products in quantitative and qualitative terms, as well as providing new services. .

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five layer connections vrp (61)

five layer welded pipes (1)

pipes polypropylene (4)

polyethylene tanks (4)

polypropylene pipes and fittings (40)

Bist Baspar Spadana Industrial Group

Top manufacturer of single layer, three-layer and five-layer pipes and fittings

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